110% arms athletes with cold therapy compression

With its innovative line of compression + ice gear, 110% has introduced two new products to its current product line. The two new arm sleeves are the first upper body product offerings from 110%.

The Alchemy Arm Sleeve is a full-length arm sleeve featuring cold therapy that targets the triceps, biceps, elbow, flexor and extensor to help to prevent soreness, fatigue and pain. The Bokator Elbow Sleeve is a specified elbow sleeve, also featuring cold therapy that wraps around the elbow to help prevent and treat pain and soreness, muscle strain and tendonitis.

Both products are designed with medically developed advanced compression technology and built with seamless

construction for a performance fit. Both arm and elbow sleeves can be purchased individually or in pairs and include a set of 110% ice sheets and a thermal bag, making the product convenient and portable.

“We heard from multisport athletes, about the need for upper body recovery gear, especially with injury related issues such as swimmers’ elbow,” said David Green, CEO of 110%. “These products will also revolutionize treatment for tennis and golfer’s elbow as well as a host of other overuse injuries passionate athletes sustain in their sport.

“We know that athletes want to train and perform harder, and our mission is to make this attainable for everyone.”

The 110% product line originally launched to retail earlier this year with the Juggler Knickers, Transformer Shorts, Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves and Blitz Knee Sleeves. According to the ice + compression specialist, its products have been well received by athletes and media due to a ‘unique pocket architecture that fuses the already important benefits of compression with the elemental power of ice.’

In just over a few months, 110% has been featured in Runner’s World, ESPN, Bicycling Magazine and Triathlete Magazine amongst numerous online gear reviews.


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