Plenty in the bottle from Relaj

After a 3 year design/redesign process, Relaj Inc will introduce its new Relaj Water Bottle for cyclists at Interbike 2011 (booth #7142). According to the company, the Relaj Water Bottle includes several radical changes that make hydrating while cycling a ‘safer, more aerodynamic experience.’

Full-speed hydration
Extensive research and testing led Relaj to engineer a distinctively tapered bottle and unique top cap with a flexible spout. This revolutionary design is the key to Relaj’s claimed aerodynamic advantages, eliminating the need to reposition the upper body and head while drinking so that riders can hydrate while maintaining an optimal aerodynamic position.

Not only functional, the Relaj bottle’s shape and spout are distinctively stylish and, even more importantly, according to the company, the design actually enhances safety. When drinking, the flexible spout makes it easy to position the bottle so that it won’t impede vision. Riders can keep their eyes focused on the road ahead with an unobstructed view of traffic, potholes, and debris, enabling a safer, faster, more enjoyable ride.

The Relaj is ergonomically enhanced to conform to the rider’s hand for superior comfort and performance and has specially designed, ‘inset’ grips, which make the bottle easy to grab and hold, especially during extreme circumstances and competitions.

The Relaj Water Bottle opens from both ends for easy filling and cleaning and is completely dishwasher safe, BPA Free, and has a unique LeakLock Valve to stop splashes and leaks when riding. The top opens and closes with a simple, one handed twist; and each bottle comes with a removable, refreezable Ice Stick to keep liquids colder longer.

Founded in 2008, Relaj Inc is a family owned business created to address comments about water bottles made by the owners’ teenage son, an aspiring cyclist. Relaj is dedicated to creating unique products that solve consumer problems, improve safety, and enhance athletic performance.

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One thought on “Plenty in the bottle from Relaj

  • September 3, 2011 at 02:39

    Thanks for the nice mention. Just wanted to clarify: The picture included in the article is of the original prototype of the Relaj bottle, which has been completely redesigned. The actual version being introduced at Interbike looks very different from the one pictured above. Our web site is currently being redesigned and updated and the new picture should be posted there soon.

    Bruce Bernstein
    CEO, Relaj Inc


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