Triathlon Live inspires Great Britain to ‘Give it a Tri!’

Triathlon England has had a busy weekend at its Triathlon Live sites across Great Britain, inspiring local communities to ‘Give it a Tri’ for themselves, as well as watching the Olympic triathlon action unfold on the Big Screen.

The live hubs allow fans to ‘Give it a Tri’, and experience the next best way to compete in a triathlon event during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Many triathlon enthusiasts and those completely new to the sport came down this past weekend to participate and challenge themselves in a cutting edge Endless Pool and test their abilities against a simulated current, suitable to swimmers of all abilities. Next they cycled and ran on state-of-the-art equipment to win some fantastic prizes.

Jem Lawson, Chair of Triathlon England, said “We’re delighted to have brought Triathlon Live to each of these eight locations, alongside Welsh Triathlon and triathlonscotland, and the reaction and support for the athletes so far has been magnificent!”

Lawson added, “Triathlon Live is a celebration of our growing sport in an iconic year, so it’s really fantastic to be able to come together with our fellow Home Nations to watch and show our support during the men’s and woman’s Olympic Triathlon races at each location across the UK. It’s important to us to spread the message about our great sport alongside giving people the opportunity to ‘Give it a Tri’ themselves.”

Triathlon Live has been located in eight major UK cities during the triathlon events of the London 2012 Olympic Games and was available for the public to use until Tuesday 7 August, and will run until Sunday 12 August for the venue at BT London Live Hyde Park.

Triathlon Live sites:

  • Bristol – Millennium Square – August 4 – 7
  • Cardiff – The Hayes – August 4 – 7
  • Coventry – Millennium Place – August 4 – 7
  • Edinburgh – Festival Square – August 4 – 7
  • Leeds – Millennium Square – August 4 – 7
  • Leicester – Humberstone Gate – August 4 – 7
  • London Hyde Park – BT London Live – July 28 – August 12
  • Manchester – Exchange Square – August 4 -7

Triathlon Live is a joint initiative run by the International Triathlon Union (ITU), British Triathlon and LOCOG. Each of the Home Nation triathlon associations, Triathlon England, Welsh Triathlon and triathlonscotland deliver the Triathlon Live events in their local cities.


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