220 Triathlon’s myTri passes 100,000 mile mark

Since its launch in January 2012, readers of 220 Triathlon ‘the UK’s number one selling triathlon magazine’, have been signing up to myTri, 220’s interactive social media channel. As a result, myTri has just witnessed a major milestone… the 100,000th mile has been logged online.

The myTri training and social media channel enables triathletes to log their training, upload their top routes and plot their race season:

  • The 100,000 miles were clocked at an average speed of 7.8mp/h
  • 11,761 workouts have been logged
  • 12,937 hours, 15mins and 29secs of time has been spent working out by those signed up

The myTri platform, hosted via the main 220 Triathlon website, includes a range of features:

  • Find an event using the  220 Triathlon Events Calendar, billed as ‘the most comprehensive calendar for the 2012 season’
  • Set targets for this year and beyond using the myTri Goals* tool
  • Create a Training Plan*, or find a plan that another member has already created
  • Securely log all swim, bike and run workouts in a personalised Training Diary*; users can also manually upload activities; upload Garmin and Polar files or sync a training diary with a Nike+ account
  • Plot, find and share training rides and runs using myTri’s Route Mapping tool
  • Check out over 18 Analysis Graphs* to evaluate performance and current level of fitness
  • Use the 220 Triathlon Leaderboards to compare performance against clubmates, race rivals and athletes from around the world
  • Retain a permanent Record* of all PBs.

*Users will need to be logged in to fully access these features.



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