Active and Triathlon America reveal key findings on the triathlon community

Active Network and Triathlon America have today announced results of a comprehensive study of men and women participating in the sport of triathlon at the Triathlon America conference at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California.

Key findings of the study include the identification of four groups of triathlon participants based on experience and motivations – the newcomer, the practitioner, the veteran and the lapsed triathlete. These segments define a triathlete’s willingness to travel, the types of races they prefer, what keeps them in the sport and what they hope to get out of their participation.

“We believe this report will provide race organizations better direction into how to re-engage lapsed athletes, support the growing segment of female participants, and involve a triathlete’s friends and family in the triathlon experience in order to increase participation,” said Dave Alberga, Chief Executive Officer at Active Network. “Additionally, it will provide brands targeting this growing audience with information not readily available until now.”

Alberga will discuss more detailed findings in a presentation today at the Triathlon America conference. Highlights of this discussion will include:

  • Women continue to be a key growth component in the sport – 55% of newcomers identified in the study are female
  • Triathlons are addictive – 96% of current triathletes indicate they plan on participating in another triathlon
  • Triathletes are well-educated – 90% of triathletes have attained some level of higher education
  • Family support is important – 43% of all triathletes travel with their family
  • There is a ‘tribe’ mentality – triathlon appeals to a core group of consumers with common motivations and beliefs

Active Network surveyed more than 1,700 members of its Lifestyle Panel to better understand the behaviours, attitudes and motivations of both new and experienced triathletes. The Active Lifestyle Panel is comprised of a representative pool of fitness-minded, influential consumers recruited exclusively from and provides Active Network and its partners valuable insight into the mind of the active consumer.

“This report will provide additional intelligence for organizations interested in reaching this active consumer audience, as well as provide insight into how event directors can increase participation through acquiring new participants, maintaining current triathletes and engaging lapsed triathletes by understanding their respective needs,” said Jack Caress, President of Triathlon America.

For more information or to purchase the report, email ConsumerResearch[at]

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