Aqua Sphere UK sales take to the skies!

Aqua Sphere’s advertising in Ryanair’s inflight magazine up to and during the London 2012 Olympics is being credited by the company as playing an important part in helping to boost the brand’s profile this summer.

Ryanair operates more than 1400 flights a day, connecting 160 destinations across Europe. Passenger numbers increased during the Olympics with nearly 8 million passengers choosing Ryanair, presenting Aqua Sphere with a captive audience and exposure to a higher readership than UK newspapers the Evening Standard, The Express, The Guardian, The Independent, The Times and the Telegraph.

Aqua Sphere’s specially created London advert showed a swimmer wearing Vista goggles whilst swimming down the River Thames.

Martin Newton, Aqua Sphere UK Sales & Marketing Manager, said “Our continued investment in marketing coupled with the incredible feel-good factor around the Games this summer has boosted our UK swim and triathlon sales significantly and we are conservatively predicting a 20% growth year on year.”

Newton added, “We are committed to getting our brand values of innovation and comfort understood beyond elite swimmers and triathletes as we firmly believe that everyone, from recreational swimmers to fitness swimmers, can benefit from better design. We look forward to steady systematic growth into 2013.”


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