Complete Nutrition targets endurance sport with 3Plenish

Complete Nutrition, which claims to the the fastest-growing nutritional supplement retailer in the US, has introduced 3Plenish, its first-ever supplement formulated specifically for endurance athletes. Designed to be taken throughout a workout, the product ‘hydrates athletes more effectively than sports drinks or water and provides essential nutrients demanded for peak performance and recovery.’

Research indicates endurance athletes require fuel and hydration to perform at their highest levels during prolonged workouts, and nutrients afterward to fully recover. 3Plenish, developed by a team of scientists and nutritionists, aims to satisfy both the intra- and post-workout needs of these athletes through an exclusive ‘Triple-Core Endurance Blend’.

This non-stimulant formula packs in each serving ‘the optimal levels of electrolytes for hydration through muscle volumization and high-energy carbohydrates to amplify muscles for sustained strength and longevity.’ The included essential amino acids help muscles recover during and immediately after workouts.

“When formulating 3Plenish we examined the hydration and nutrient needs of runners, cyclists, CrossFit enthusiasts and triathletes,” said Dr Nicholas Rupcich, Chief Formulator of Product Development for Complete Nutrition. “The clinically effective dose of electrolytes, carbs and amino acids makes 3Plenish a go-to drink mix for all athletes who want to push their athletic limits.”

Each package of 3Plenish contains 25 servings of instant-mix powder, available in Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch flavours. To use, individuals mix one scoop of powder with around 20oz (590ml) of water and consume throughout the duration of their workouts. 3Plenish is reportedly free of stimulants, gluten, aspartame, allergens and restricted ingredients.

Additional benefits of 3Plenish include ‘a reduction in training-induced cortisol to help preserve muscle and an increase in Type I and Type II muscle fibre size for enhanced power and speed.’ 3Plenish also claims to help athletes increase resistance exercise for more strength, tone, mass and endurance.

3Plenish is available at all Complete Nutrition retails stores in the US. Along with its new endurance category of products, Complete Nutrition offers more than 200 general health, weight-loss and sports nutrition supplements. Employing certified personal trainers, former strength coaches and others experienced in health and fitness, Complete Nutrition aims to differentiate itself from competitors through its consultative approach to nutritional supplements.

Complete Nutrition is a network of nutritional supplement retail stores with a mission to create safe and effective weight management, sports nutrition and healthy aging programs to help customers look better, feel better and perform better. Since 2005, Complete Nutrition has been helping people achieve their health and wellness goals by offering ‘exclusive supplements at affordable prices’.


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