Extreme Sport Beans adds pomegranate and new Extreme Assorted Mix

Extreme Sport Beans, the sports performance jelly beans from Jelly Belly Candy Company, has added the popular flavour of pomegranate to its roster and unveils the new Extreme Assorted Mix.

Pomegranate is poised to pump up performance as the third flavour in the Extreme Sport Beans line, joining Cherry and Watermelon flavours. All three Extreme Sport Beans flavours are available together for the first time as the Extreme Assorted Mix.

According to the company, Extreme Sport Beans jelly beans help endurance athletes kick sports performance into a higher gear. Just like the Cherry and Watermelon flavours, the Pomegranate variant is packed with 50mg of caffeine per serving – equivalent to a half a cup of brewed coffee – and a formula of carbohydrates, vitamins and electrolytes to help replenish the body and maximize sports performance.

Extreme Sport Beans and Sport Beans jelly beans are made with all-natural flavours and derive colours from natural sources. The new Pomegranate flavour and Extreme Assorted Mix are available in easy-open 1-oz packages, ‘so athletes aren’t left fumbling as they race towards the finish.’

Numerous clinical studies have shown that caffeine enhances sports performance including higher levels of endurance, reduced perceived exertion, faster sprint speeds, increased power output and improved agility and alertness. Additionally, according to many scientific studies and the American College of Sports Medicine, consuming carbohydrates and electrolytes during exercise lasting about 60 minutes or longer prevents fatigue and boosts performance.

“Members of the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling team and other athletes asked for a caffeine option, and the science clearly supports the benefits that small amounts of caffeine has on sports performance,” said Rob Swaigen, Vice President of marketing for Jelly Belly Candy Company.

“Now athletes can build their own personal fuel plan with any combination of these three great-tasting flavours.”

Pomegranate is the seventh flavour in the entire Sport Beans line. Sport Beans jelly beans are packaged in single serving 1-oz. bags for ‘Portable Power’ during exercise and deliver 25g of carbohydrates for fuel, electrolytes to maintain fluid balance and vitamins to optimize energy release.



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