High Voltage Nutrition is latest Tri NZ sponsor partner

Triathlon New Zealand (Tri NZ) has welcomed a new commercial partner – with the addition of High Voltage Nutrition as official supplier. The two year partnership will see High Voltage Nutrition supply all on-course and finish line aid stations at Contact Tri Series events throughout the NZ summer, as well as being the recommended nutrition partner for all TRIBE members throughout the country.

Tri NZ Commercial Director Carl Jackson is excited about the partnership. He said “Triathlon is a sport often seen as being at the ‘cutting edge’ of technology with equipment rapidly changing. So it is with athlete nutrition, as everyone from social participants to age groupers to elites look for that added improvement.

“Tri NZ is proud to partner with a company that shares those philosophies and is exploring ways to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing, as well as performance for those who are a little more competitive.”

High Voltage Sports Nutrition is the New Zealand importer & distributor for Trace Minerals Research (TMR) and Marine Bio Therapies. The products are focused on every day nutrition, for performance on the day, and are designed for improved cellular performance and hydration. The range caters to all levels of fitness, from weight loss to high performance endurance athletics.



Diane Gillett is a Medical Researcher and Natural Health Consultant with High Voltage Nutrition and noted that her move into sports nutrition has been a gradual one.

“I’ve been involved in the health industry either as a consumer or professional for over 30 years,” said Gillett.

“Nutrition has always been of interest to me but sports nutrition became a growing interest for me around the time I met my husband Steven, a keen cyclist. His nutrition was all wrong, so we set about getting a better programme for him around 2004 and at the age of 45 he began to make significant improvements in his performance.

“I began to look more closely at what athletes were using and felt there was a gap in the market. I searched within NZ for a while, but couldn’t find what I was looking for, and then in 2009 I discovered the Trace Minerals Research range – it ticked all the boxes, but contractual restrictions meant we could not import and distribute into NZ until December 2011.”

Gillett continued, “As an interim measure we imported a sister range and were so impressed with that range that we knew without doubt that the TMR range when it arrived would offer something different to the market, not just for athletes but for a wide range of health practitioners and consumers.”

Diane says the partnership with Tri NZ is a great fit for High Voltage Nutrition.

“Tri NZ ticks a number of boxes for us – it gets behind a wide range of athletes, both amateur and professional, and across a wide demographic, it offers an opportunity not just for competing but also for fun.

“We see Tri NZ as offering a little of something for everyone. It gives us an opportunity to offer our products to the sports market and to provide further education, not just about sports nutrition, but nutrition in general. The two go hand in hand.”

Diane is optimistic that triathletes in particular stand to gain significantly from the partnership…

“High Voltage sports nutrition is a new generation in sports nutrition. There has been a big move in recent times to separate hydration from food, and that can be easily done using our products. One of the biggest issues we have encountered in athletes is the problems of cramping, nausea, bloating etc, while trying to compete.

“Having the opportunity to try our nutrition, which tends to significantly reduce, or eliminate these problems, allows triathletes and others, the opportunity to play around a little more with their nutrition, and especially their hydration, to find something that works better for them.

“High Voltage Nutrition can provide consultation, advice and a review of their nutritional requirements. Knowledge of nutrition has changed a lot over the years and products and diets need to reflect what we know now. Bradley Wiggins, winner of this year’s Tour de France made an interesting comment in his post Tour interview, that sometimes the difference between winning and losing can come down to something as simple as getting your sports nutrition right – and he is quite right about that.

“But most of all I think what triathletes will get the most of out of in this partnership, is our belief that we must do everything we can to support our enormous talent in New Zealand.”



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