Industry brainstorm guides 2013 Richmond Multisports Race Calendar

With the end of its US triathlon race season just a month away, event management firm Richmond Multisports gathered together some of the brightest local minds in the industry. Looking back on the past year and forward to 2013, local retailers, trainers, athletes and race production team members sat together for a brainstorming session. They discussed the successes and shortcomings of 2012 and what can be done next year to replicate the good, retool the bad and introduce more exciting, engaging concepts into 2013 races.

A broad range of topics were discussed, including race dates, inclusions, partner benefits and logistics to better meet the needs and wants of both the first time racer and the seasoned triathlete.

Richmond Multisports shall incorporate many of the ideas discussed in next year’s races and will be announcing its 2013 race calendar in October. In addition to new races and dates on the calendar, Richmond Multisports will be also be ‘introducing some logistical changes to some races to encourage head to head competition at the highest level.’

In attendance:

  • Laurie Mehler (Richmond Multisports CEO and Race Director)
  • Deb Peery (Richmond Tri Club VP)
  • Jack Crowley (RMS crew)
  • Stephanie LaForce (Commonwealth Sports Medicine)
  • Michael Harlow (Endorphin Fitness, Owner and Head Coach)
  • Paul Phau (VCU Triathlon team)
  • Alex David (VCU Triathlon Team and RMS Crew)
  • Andy Howlett (RMS Crew)
  • Andy Williams (3Sports Owner)
  • Jason Angel (RMS Crew Captain)
  • Bob Flannagan (Central Virginia Endurance, Owner and Head Coach)
  • Sheri Crowell (RMS staff/PR and Community Outreach)
  • Molly Schulz (RMS Staff/Office and Accounting)
  • Kristen Smith (RMS staff/ Corporate Sponsorships)
  • Grandison Burnside (TriGirls, Owner and Head Coach)

Further details on the company’s 2013 race program to follow once released…


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