Road ID Dealer Program lands in more than 900 outlets

Road ID, the leading manufacturer of identification gear for outdoor athletes and endurance sport enthusiasts, is enjoying a booming start in its first introduction to brick and mortar retail.

With its distribution historically limited to direct to consumer online sales, Road ID has developed its Dealer Program in an effort to showcase its products in a retail environment. Participating Road ID dealers are now able to educate their customers on the importance of wearing ID while giving them a hands-on demonstration of the product line.

Road ID has secured partnerships with over 900 retailers, mainly across North America. Specialty run stores represent 49% of the accounts, while 33% of them are independent bike specialty shops. 6% of the accounts are triathlon-dedicated storefronts while another 12% are categorized as ‘other’, chiefly specialty outdoor stores.

“The immediate success of this program is a pleasant surprise,” said Road ID co-owner Edward Wimmer. “I think a lot of people have heard about Road ID and now appreciate being able to see and test them in person. Our dealers are doing a great job of educating consumers on why wearing ID is vitally important, and are enjoying the simplicity of the program.”

The program costs dealers nothing to adopt, features a free Road ID Display that has a small footprint and showcases a variety of different styles of Road ID to effectively engage and educate consumers about the product.

Integrated into each display are coded brochures that offer a discount via free shipping. Customers then go online to order and customize their personalized Road ID product. By tracking each uniquely coded brochure, Road ID is able to provide dealers with a commission on each purchase.

Road ID also gives dealers unique Road ID URLs to embed on their website or email newsletter/ and when visitors click through to to place an order, retailers earn commission on those sales. As an added bonus, any future orders made by a mutual customer will also result in a commission for the dealer.

The program also allows retailers access to Road ID’s event sponsorship program which offers free bibs, as well as the opportunity to sell Road ID’s High Visibility line of products and Pre-Paid Gift Cards.

One of the first dealers to adopt the program, Michael Berger, the owner of Cadence Bikes & Multisport in Atlanta, said the Road ID Dealer Program helped him differentiate his storefront when he opened the doors in July 2011, “The Road ID program was interesting to me because I am a big believer in Road ID. The display really aligns with our focus on service, and helps separate us from other stores in our area.”

Road ID was born in the autumn/fall of 1999, when Edward Wimmer was training for a marathon and had a close encounter with a motorist. His father, Co-Founder Mike Wimmer, had voiced concern regarding the fact that he did not carry ID during training.

The near miss was the catalyst for the creation of wearable ID gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Road ID now offers a variety of models including the Wrist ID Sport, the Wrist ID Elite, the Wrist ID Slim, the Ankle ID, the Shoe ID, the Fixx ID (necklace) and is a staple for professional and amateur athletes alike.


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