Sponser’s salty flavoured savoury gel

Switzerland’s number one sports nutrition brand, Sponser, has added Liquid Energy Long to its extensive range of products. This salty flavoured savoury gel is claimed to be the first of its kind in the UK and compliments the tried and tested formula of the brand’s Liquid Energy Gel that has proved popular since Sponser’s UK launch in February.

The single serving (40g) sachet gel is specifically for endurance athletes and is a highly concentrated energy gel, which according to the Swiss company contains both slow and fast burning carbohydrate sources, with a higher concentration of slow burn carbohydrates for longer duration efforts. The slightly salty taste is a change from the conventional sweet energy gels on the market, and provides a new option for a range of endurance sport enthusiasts (with a specific targeting towards cyclists).

The contents of the gel, isomalulose and barley fibres, both contain beta-glucans that aim to delay the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. According to Sponser, this means there is no rapid spike of sugar into the body, which can lead to decreased performance over a prolonged period for endurance sport athletes. The gel is ‘100% natural without any preservatives, and there is no lactose, acid, colourants or sweeteners.’

The amount of energy contained in the salty Liquid Energy Long gel is 984kJ per 100g; this compares to the Liquid Energy Gel variant by Sponser, which has 1275kJ. Unlike Sponser’s other gels, Liquid Energy Long is currently only available in a single sachet serving (40g), as opposed to the Liquid Energy gel, which comes in a double serving tube (70g).

Sponser has been producing top quality drinks, gels and bars for over 20 years and has recently launched in the UK via Everest Sports, a new sports import and distribution company hoping to raise the bar of sports nutrition in the UK. Its extensive range is now sold in over 25 countries and endorsed by top athletes such as Maria Sharapova, MTB star Nino Schurter, Ironman Ronnie Schildknecht and UK cyclist Emma Trott.

Available in the UK via www.sponseruk.com, Sponser offers a range of energy and recovery drinks, energy and protein bars and gels. All of Sponser’s brands are positioned to ‘set a new benchmark for nutrition, performance and taste, meeting the requirements of amateur through to professional athletes.’



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