Swimmers ‘define their style’ with TYR Custom

Swimwear, accessories and wetsuit brand TYR has unveiled its ‘latest and most innovative goggle experience yet: TYR Custom.’ Available online at TYR.com/Custom the program invites consumers to define their style by designing their very own pair of goggles from beginning to end.

TYR Custom is positioned as a fun and creative customer experience for swimmers of all ages and skill sets. The program launches with three distinct styles of goggles for customers to select from; the Special Ops, the Remix Switchkit and the Swimple.

For the elite-level athlete all the way down to the recreational swimmer, the Special Ops is ‘a high performance goggle with polarized lenses that provides superior comfort.’ A 100% interchangeable goggle, the Remix Switchkit allows swimmers to fully break apart and put back together the individual parts on-the-go according to varying light conditions and/or style preference. Meanwhile, TYR’s top selling children’s goggle, The Swimple is best known for its secure fit, comfort and no fuss head strap adjustment.

After choosing the TYR Custom goggle style that best fits the swimmers’ needs, the fun begins. With the ability to select from up to 10 different colours for each individual component; the frame, frame locks, gaskets, strap, strap adjusters along with the lens colour, there is an extensive array of combinations to choose from. Users can then complete their custom masterpiece by laser etching up to 15-20 characters (depending on the goggle style) onto the lens.

The TYR Custom website takes the customer through the virtual design process. The easy-to-use interface enables the customer to see the changes automatically with different viewing angles.

“In today’s world, consumers are looking for increasingly unique experiences with brands and their product, whether to meet specific needs or to simply express their personalities,” said Steve Furniss, TYR’s Swim Director. ”Certainly TYR is excited to the be the first performance swim and triathlon manufacturer offering goggle customization as growth in the tailoring of products to specific customers needs and desires will be significant.”

TYR CEO, Matt DiLorenzo explained, “TYR has been focused on innovating goggles from a technical standpoint since 1985 with help from our loyal customer feedback. We are excited to take the impersonality out of buying our product by allowing our customers to design with us.”



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