Swimovate launches PoolMate free Facebook app

Swimovate, the manufacturer of the PoolMate range of swimming computers, has developed a new Facebook app for swimmers. Using the app, Swimmers can log a swim, view data from past swims in tables and graphs, share with friends and view their friends’ swims.

As the company notes, ‘In today’s age more and more people are connecting with friends using Facebook. As customers started asking for a way to share their swimming data with friends, the Swimovate team put their heads together and developed a smart new app for swimmers to interact with others.’

The swimmer simply enters the pool length, number of laps, strokes and time taken and the app calculates other statistics about the swim including calories, speed and stroke rate. It posts each swim’s details to the swimmer’s Facebook feed and stores the data.

The swimmer can then view and compare past swims to see progress visually in charts and tables. In addition it has a powerful feature in that swimmers can view swims from any friends using the app in the same detail.

Lisa Irlam of Swimovate said “A lot of our customers asked for a way of sharing their swims with friends and Facebook is now so widely used it was the ideal platform. We are committed to bringing swimming into the 21st century and this is a great way to bring swim logging and analysis to many, many swimmers. You don’t need one of our PoolMate watches to use the app, it’s suitable for any swimmer.”

The app can be accessed directly at apps.facebook.com/poolmates/



Swimovate makes swimming watches that count your laps automatically. Founders Jim and Lisa Irlam were triathletes themselves and saw a gap in the market for a product to give some feedback and help whilst swimming. Lisa appeared on Dragon’s Den asking for investment but didn’t succeed. However a year later the PoolMate was launched and the company now claims market leadership in the UK and sells in over 70 countries.



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