Swimovate supports up and coming triathletes

Swimovate has been making waves across the triathlon community for a number of years.  As the swim accessory business goes from strength to strength, it has also been working behind the scenes to support a number of up and coming triathletes.

Swimovate was originally founded in November 2007 by a team of UK triathletes seeking to develop innovative and affordable electronic training products. The London-based company’s Pool-Mate swimming watches count laps automatically. Founders Jim and Lisa Irlam are triathletes and originally saw a gap in the market for a product to give some feedback and help whilst swimming.

Lisa appeared on UK TV show Dragon’s Den asking for investment but didn’t succeed. However a year later the PoolMate was launched. The product is now available in over 70 countries.

As well as total session statistics, Pool-Mate users can record data for individual sets within each session and time rest periods, in order to monitor how stroke changes through the swim. All data is available for immediate recall and is stored in a large log for comparison later.

In tandem with the success of its business on the international stage, Swimovate has been keen to support a number of triathletes…

Sponsored athletes
Swimovate’s main athlete is the talented swimmer Ellie Faulkner. Fresh from the Olympics where she competed in the 800m Free and 4 x 200m Free relay, Ellie headed up a relay team at the Challenge Henley Long distance triathlon in September – an event sponsored by Swimovate.

Young Swimovate sponsored triathletes Henry Sleight and Adam Holland also competed at Challenge Henley in the relay team. Adam from Tavistock in Devon, was the youngest person to run 100 marathons and Challenge Henley was his 121st.

Lisa Irlam of Swimovate said “It’s been an honour to have these talented young athletes racing for us and winning by such a margin. They show such dedication and passion for their sports!

“We all know it’s not easy to succeed in sport and we designed the PoolMates to help swimmers achieve their potentials and it’s great to see how it is making a difference to people”.

Long distance triathlete Simon Bowler competed in the 45-49 age group at the Ironman World Championships this month. Simon has been wearing a PoolMatePro for several years and it has helped him knock several minutes off his Ironman swim time. His daughter Stacy, 14, took up swimming recently and hsa started training with Eton Triathlon Club each week. With the help of her pink PoolMate, she is now faster than her dad and has aspirations to become an elite triathlete herself!

Other Swimovate sponsored athletes include up and coming Ironman athletes Natalie Barnard and Seb Navarro who are already training hard for 2013.



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