TrainingPeaks providing race day analysis for USA Pro Challenge

As the official race data partner of the USA Pro Challenge professional cycling race, endurance training software provider TrainingPeaks is offering in-depth analysis of each stage of the race, which runs this week from 20-26 August.

TrainingPeaks is presenting and analyzing power, heart rate and GPS data from multiple riders and teams, accompanied by links to TrainingPeaks’ full interactive Activity Viewer and illustrative graphics that help to communicate the numbers. Analysis is provided to race organizers, media and the general public at

TrainingPeaks Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist Dirk Friel said, “Power meters, GPS devices and heart rate monitors are no longer just the high-tech tools of the pros – mainstream cyclists are tracking their watts, bpm, distance, speed and more. Naturally, as people have begun to see the value of knowing their own data, their interest in the data from the pros has grown too. In short, fans want power data, and we’re excited to bring it to them for the USA Pro Challenge.”

Friel continued, “Beyond just putting the data out there, we want to explain what it means in a way that’s understandable to anyone who’s following the race, whether or not you own a power meter. I think this is where we can add a lot of value as the experts in power analysis. We want our race analyses for the Pro Challenge to help educate everyone more about cycling, and better comprehend just how superhuman these athletes are.”

USA Pro Challenge CEO Shawn Hunter added, “Being able to get insight into the numbers is another way for fans to see how the race played out. It’s a perfect complement to the live and post-race broadcast and print coverage that will be provided via NBC, the RadioShack Tour Tracker and other media outlets.”

TrainingPeaks’ race analysis began on 20 August, and will continue daily until the race finishes in Denver on 26 August. TrainingPeaks is also featuring pre-race analyses for each stage, including predictions of potential winners, explanation of key cycling terms and analyses of the course. Fans can find all this information at


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