Tri Dynamic reports on Kona Quest Camp with Joe Friel

Tri Dynamic has sent in its report from the Kona Quest Camp with coaching legend Joe Friel, which took place in Hawaii during race week at the 2012 Ironman World Championship. The camp was an exclusive, high attention, limited numbers opportunity to spend 6 amazing days learning from Joe Friel and an array of world class special guests.

Participants had the unique experience of the special Kona race week atmosphere build up and got to watch all the pros and the best age groupers on the planet strutting their stuff. Each day the athletes on the Kona Quest Camp swam, biked and ran on different sections of the race course with Joe Friel, learning about the course, how to race well there and how to qualify.

The camp culminated with the athletes watching the race unfold with Joe Friel from all his favourite spots around the island. They enjoyed front row seats on the pier on race morning and benefited from Joe Friel’s 20+ years of watching the race.

The camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work closely with Joe Friel and receive valuable course specific knowledge as well as knowing what to expect from the Big Island in terms of weather, wind and humidity; of which there was plenty!

The athletes were also lucky to have the opportunity to chat to, have dinner with and learn from a stellar line up of special guests. They were very fortunate to have a run technique workshop with Elite Coach Darren Smith, who was in Kona helping his athletes to prepare for the big day as well as his D-squad athletes putting the final touches to preparations before the ITU WTS Final in Auckland this coming weekend.

The camp participants also got to hang out with and learn from one of the fastest female marathon runners of all time, Uta Pippig, who ran 2.21.45 and won Boston 3 times, New York and Berlin on multiple occasions. She was joined by pro IM triathlete Donna Phelan who has had 7 top 5 IM finishes since turning pro back in 2008.

They also had a fascinating evening learning from Sports Injury Specialist Dr John Post, who is Training Bible Coaching’s Medical Officer and 6 x Kona finisher, on training and injury prevention. He had some stories about the history of the race, which he has attended since 1982 as well as on his 30 year orthopaedic surgery career.

On the last day of the camp the athletes went to watch Joe Friel lead a Training Peaks seminar where they got to see race winner Pete Jacobs and Switzerland’s Ronnie Schildknecht get interviewed and their power files analysed by Joe Friel.

Athletes also benefited from Tri Dynamic’s partners and sponsors with a great goodie bag including a Skinfit Technical Tri Dynamic T-Shirt, Swim Cap, PowerBar Nutrition to get them through the week and special offers from Blue Competiton Cycles, blueseventy, CycleOps, TheTriTouch and The SufferFest.

Further photos from the Joe Friel Kona Quest Camp can be found on the Tri Dynamic Facebook page.

Next up for Tri Dynamic is the London based Winter Swim Workshop with Dan Bullock from Swim For Tri at Hampton Pool on Saturday 10 November. Then on 24-25 November, Tri Dynamic will be organising its Triathlete Testing Days at St Mary’s University College Twickenham.

Both events are limited numbers for maximum personal attention. These are positioned as being not only great value but great opportunities to get athletes prepared for a best-ever next season in 2013.


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