TriStar Rio de Janeiro

There is now less than a week to go before the inaugural edition of TriStar Rio de Janeiro – part of the international triathlon event series held in some of the most unique and interesting places in the world, including Cannes, Mallorca and Monaco in Europe.

Rio de Janeiro, home of the 2016 Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup in 2014, will host TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 competitions on 14 October 2012.

Recognized internationally for its distinctive format, TriStar Rio de Janeiro will ‘bring three days of fun and holiday activities to the Brazilian area.’ All 800 participants – both amateurs and professional athletes – will also enjoy a special event program on Friday 12 October and Saturday 13 October.

“The race will take place on Sunday morning, but participants will be involved with the event since Friday,” said Mauricio Fragata, CEO of One Sports Business, which is organizing the event in partnership with Star Events South America.

“This is a way to learn more about the different values of TriStar and developing a great interaction between them and the organization of the event.”

Despite its essence being ‘light and fun’, the competition among triathletes promises to be fierce. This is because some of the best triathletes in Brazil will be present at TriStar 55.5 (500m swimming, 50K cycling and 5K running) and TriStar 111 (1K of swimming, 100Kof cycling and 10K running). Among the country’s top triathletes who have confirmed their participation in this TriStar race are Carla Moreno, Sandra Soldan, Marcus Ornellas, Fabio Carvalho and Santiago Ascenco.

Besides renowned triathletes, some personalities and athletes from other sports such as F1 driver Lucas di Grassi, who uses triathlon as training and fitness for motorsports, will be present at the event as well.

“I have attended other editions of TriStar in other countries and really enjoyed it. Besides being a great way to supplement my physical training, it is obviously also a form of leisure, since it has an interesting format and great concepts such as sustainability,” said di Grassi.

Standing on three core values: fun, environmental protection and social responsibility, TriStar will be connected with several social activities in partnership with Rio movement ‘I love I’ll take care’ aiming to educate people to have healthy attitudes. Also present at the event will be children supported by the Monike Azevedo project, dedicated to the development of junior triathletes.

Complementing the social involvement, another interesting action in the field of environmental protection will be ‘netting the event of CO2 through carbon credits’.

TriStar Rio de Janeiro – a full weekend of sports and activities – is organized by Star Events South America, and is the result of a partnership between two agencies, ONE International Sport Business and Star Events.


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One thought on “TriStar Rio de Janeiro

  • October 17, 2012 at 14:53

    It was, indeed, a very poorly organizated event. General misinformation of the staff about event organization and the race itself; changes in the swim circuit as later as the starting moment; unallowed bike groups all over the bike course, sometimes with the referees motorcicle among them but no penalties issued; lack of water in the fuel/water points of the run (not to mention that there wasn´t one of the two announced fueling points on the bike course, and the bottles were not suitable to the bike´s bottle holders); non competitors all over the course, despite of those many staffs; no trophys delivered to the AG winners until now; no finisher tshirt (wich was advertised they would have), these are some of the points to be noticed, while the organization remains telling (trough facebook) that they are working to improve “the athlete´s experience”.


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