Vasa Inc launches new

Vasa Inc – manufacturer of the Vasa Trainer and Vasa Ergometer, the dry-land training tools of choice for thousands of swimmers, triathletes, swim and triathlon coaches, surfers and paddlers from around the globe – has today announced the launch of the new website.

In order to better serve Vasa’s growing clientele and customer sectors, Vasa’s new website offers a segmented experience to meet the needs of the company’s differentiated customer base. The redesigned navigation allows users to browse and learn about the products based on their specific interests.

The website also features a new training resources section where athletes and coaches can easily access a number of instructional videos, tips and guides. By expanding the number of videos and other informational resources, Vasa aims to help users make the most of their Vasa Trainer or Ergometer.

Additionally, Vasa’s product line has expanded to include an Ergometer that is specifically designed for stand-up paddling (SUP), and the website features a new section to reflect this addition to the current product offerings.

Further acknowledging Vasa’s impact as essential dry-land training equipment at the highest level of swimming competition, Vasa Trainers and Ergometers were purchased by the London Olympics to equip the swim training centre at Eton House in the Olympic village. A devoted user of Vasa’s equipment, Vasa is sponsoring swimmer and 2012 Olympian Alex Meyer as he competes in London in the 10K open water swim event on 10 August.

“The launch of our new site is a significant step forward for Vasa,” said Rob Sleamaker, Founder and CEO of Vasa Inc. “We’re seeing the impact that Vasa Trainers and Ergometers are having with Olympic athletes, and we look forward to building on this momentum through 2012. To achieve that, we believe that the new site really helps communicate the value and benefits of our outstanding Vasa products.”


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