WD-40 BIKE in comprehensive cyclocross initiative

WD-40 BIKE Company, a subsidiary business unit of WD-40 Company, the oil and lubcricant specialist, has released details surrounding its inaugural cyclocross initiative – as WD-40 continues to make in-roads into the cycling market.

The WD-40 BIKE cyclocross program in the US will include the following marquee events during the 2012-2013 season:

  • CrossVegas – 19 September 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • The Trek USGP of Cyclocross Series presented by Greenware and WD-40 BIKE – multiple dates and locations
  • UCI Masters World Championships – 29 January to 1 February 2013, Louisville, Kentucky
  • UCI Elite World Championships – 2-3 January 2013, Louisville, Kentucky

“Cyclocross is the perfect venue to prove the mettle of our new products,” noted WD-40 BIKE’s Mike Irwin. “The sport features an energetic setting, ultra-competitive racing and the frequent presence of extreme elements… all of which highlight the importance of superior bike maintenance. We expect to have a lot of fun on the cyclocross scene.”

In addition to its tie-up with a number of ‘cross events, WD-40 BIKE will support the Rapha-Focus Professional Cyclocross Team, headlined by US National Champions Jeremy Powers and Zach McDonald.

Rapha-Focus team mechanics offered valuable feedback during early testing of the new WD-40 BIKE product line, with ‘their contributions playing a key role in its development.’

Also of note is WD-40 BIKE’s new role as Co-Presenting Sponsor of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross Series. The company was reportedly instrumental in ‘rallying cycling industry leaders to address an unforeseen sponsorship shortfall’, with Trek recently stepping in to support the series. Thanks to these and other efforts, the USGP series will continue as scheduled.

“The USGP series is incredibly important to the overall growth of cyclocross in the United States and Team Rapha-Focus has built its schedule around it,” said Jeremy Powers of the Rapha-Focus team. “I’m grateful to WD-40 BIKE for helping to make the series possible and for supporting top-level cyclocross throughout the season. Thanks to WD-40 BIKE, the show will go on!”

Anchoring the WD-40 BIKE cyclocross program will be an active tech support initiative led by an experienced squad of professional team and bike shop mechanics. Offering bike wash and lube services to all competitors at each sponsored event, the WD-40 BIKE Tech Support Team will also provide free samples from the jet-black WD-40 BIKE tech support van.

WD-40 BIKE extends the strength of the WD-40 brand with products formulated specifically for the cycling market. Partnering with cyclists and mechanics to keep the bikes they love in top condition, ‘WD-40 BIKE allows both riders and bikes to get the most out of every pedal stroke.’

The official company website will launch in mid-September 2012.



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