Zensah gives running gloves the Smart Touch

With the weather across the northern hemisphere starting to cool down, accessories such as gloves can make all the difference to runners’ training and racing experiences. Taking this on board, Zensah, the ‘developer of the number one selling compression leg sleeves in the US’, has just announced the release of a new advanced running glove.

Zensah has incorporated its innovative technology into the Smart-Touch Running Glove to ensure runner’s hands stay warm and dry in addition to making them comfortable and easy to use with technology, such as MP3 players, smart phones and other training devices.

Zensah notes that wearing the right style gloves helps to regulate body temperature and improve the running experience for athletes. The new Zensah Smart-Touch Gloves are made of 4 way stretch breathable fabric that allows for movability and moisture management. They feature reflective stripes for added visibility, as well as a micro suede thumb designed for mess-free wiping of runny noses!

Running gloves play a large role in autumn/fall and winter running. Traditional gloves can be heavy, bulky, and slippery, making it difficult for runners to operate a touch screen, for example. Zensah’s gloves combat these issues by incorporating i-Tip Technology, developed so athletes may use touch screens without having to take gloves off.

In addition to this, the gloves feature a silicon palm enabling runners to maintain a better grip on their electronics, while preventing drops and breakages. These new gloves were released just in time for the start of the autumn/fall season. They are currently available in in three sizes in black.

Zensah spokesperson Parker Robinson, said, “We are so excited for the launch of the Smart-Touch Gloves. Although different from our well-known compression line, the gloves utilize our unique technology and target the needs of cold weather running.”

The new Smart-Touch Running Gloves by Zensah are available at specialty stores across the US, in addition to the Zensah website.

Zensah is a Miami-based company, specializing in sports compression apparel. The company’s seamless compression products are praised by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, including runners, cyclists and triathletes. Zensah offers compression products for performance and recovery. The company claims to have the number one selling Compression Leg Sleeves in the US according to Leisure Trends Group Specialty Running RetailTRAK data.



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