Head in the game: new Sufferfest Mental Training Programme

The Sufferfest, creator of the popular training app for cyclists and endurance athletes, has launched a new Mental Training Programme. The 10-week programme was created in collaboration with elite coaches and sports psychologists to ‘systematically build mental toughness, maximize athletic performance, and complement an athlete’s physical training’.

“In working with world-class athletes, I’ve seen that the difference between winning and losing often comes down to their state of mind,” said Neal Henderson, founder of APEX Coaching and one of the architects of the Mental Training Programme. “While those at the highest levels of the sport routinely use mental training to ensure peak performance, there wasn’t an effective way for everyday athletes to take advantage of those same techniques. We wanted to change that.”

The Mental Training Programme, which is now included with all subscriptions to The Sufferfest app for iOS, macOS and Windows, uses a series of 20 audio modules and companion exercises to build the ‘Four Habits of the Mentally Tough’:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Strong Focus
  3. Positive Thinking, and
  4. Reviewing and Improving Performance.

The programme, which is seen as being unique among cycling training apps, takes nine weeks to complete, with an additional series of modules to prepare athletes for races or important events. In keeping with the ‘maximum benefit, minimum time’ philosophy of The Sufferfest, the programme is designed with the time-crunched athlete in mind. Most of the modules take less than 15 minutes to complete, ‘making it easy to integrate mental training into even the busiest schedule’.

“We’ve always been a pioneer in effective training,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “The addition of the Mental Training Programme to our huge library of cycling, running and yoga workouts, as well as our free structured training plans, further distinguishes The Sufferfest as the only app addressing the needs of the complete athlete: bike, body, and mind.”

The latest version of The Sufferfest app also marks the release of a new Achievements feature, which allows athletes to complete challenges, earn badges, track their progress, and review their all-time best performances.

“Setting concrete goals and establishing a reward system is one of the key habits that builds mental strength,” added McQuillen. “Integrating Achievements into the app alongside the Mental Training Programme is just one more way The Sufferfest helps athletes stay motivated, keep moving forward, and get the fitness results they’re looking for.”



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