Santini continues to outfit Bianchi Countervail MTB team

Santini is continuing its partnership with the elite Bianchi Countervail mountain bike team. The Bianchi MTB Racing Division and its long-time Chairman Felice Gimondi have also recently welcomed Marco Aurelio Fontana to the team’s ranks for the 2017 season. The Olympic bronze medallist has reportedly got into the spirit of the Bergamo team by helping hone its new race kit.

“Our relationship with Bianchi-Countervail centres around our shared passion for cycling in all its forms, mountain-biking included,” said Monica Santini, CEO at Santini Cycling Wear. “We’re renewing that partnership once again this year and it is also being further enriched by active collaboration with Marco Aurelio Fontana, who, thanks to his experience, was able to work directly with us on developing the team kit.”

Fontana made his contribution to the creation of the full kit for Bianchi-Countervail, by working closely with Bianchi’s designer Fabio Belotti as well as the in-house Santini design team on ‘researching leading-edge materials’.

“I’m really delighted with this collaboration,” said Fontana, who took an Olympic bronze in 2012 and is a new addition to Team Bianchi Countervail. “We worked with Santini and Bianchi on designing a kit that would meld modern, elegant styling with high tech materials and maximum protection. It differs from conventional cycling kits too: although the jersey is body-hugging, it also has a mountain bike-type cut and is longer than normal, as are the special shorts which are above the knee.”


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