Squeezy is new nutrition partner of DATEV Challenge Roth

Starting this year, Germany’s Squeezy Sports Nutrition will provide the participants of DATEV Challenge Roth with nutrition products, having inked a three-year deal to become the iconic event’s official nutrition partner. Organised by Challenge Family, this year’s DATEV Challenge Roth takes place on 9 July 2017. (Following the confirmation of a new run course in 2017, this year’s DATEV Challenge Roth will link the towns of Roth and Büchenbach in southern Germany, together with the area’s local canal in a t-shaped run course, which is completed twice.)

At the end of the nineties, Squeezy was a nutrition sponsor in Roth. The company has now returned to the ‘world’s largest long distance triathlon’ with ‘new ambitions and with great ambitions’. Roger Milenk, CEO at Squeezy Sports Nutrition, said, “In Roth, everything started for me, and it has always been very special to enjoy the incredible atmosphere and perfect race organization there. With Squeezy Sports Nutrition we will support the great success of DATEV Challenge Roth and provide the athletes with our optimal products. We look forward to many years of sporting excellence.”

Jan Frodeno of Germany climbs Solar Hill at DATEV Challenge Roth - photo Stephen Pond-Getty images for Challenge Family

At DATEV Challenge Roth on 9 July 2017, participating athletes will gain access to a range of Squeezy products according to their individual needs and preferences. Squeezy products will be available with or without caffeine and in different flavours. The Challenge Roth organising team add that ‘For the optimal presentation of the sports drinks during the competition, a strong co-sponsorship was secured with Alpecin, which equipped the race with high-quality drinking bottles’.

Leading up to race day, Squeezy will reach out to participating athletes, with nutrition advice ‘during the training and competition phases’. With information on Squeezy’s ingredients, the selection and the correct application, the aim is to ensure that ‘every participant of DATEV Challenge Roth receives the optimal supply of energy for the race.’

Challenge CEO Felix Walchshöfer said, “This new partnership is perfect for our race because the name Squeezy has a very good reputation in the triathlon scene. The athletes are absolutely convinced by the quality and compatibility of the products. For me, it was also important that we and our athletes now have planning security in place for three years. I am very, very happy about the cooperation.”

Giving athletes an opportunity to try out Squeezy products in the intensive training weeks ahead, special test packages will be made available from the end of April.



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