Strava joins Menos Mas and Voltwomen for Global Women’s Running Challenge

In celebration of Women’s Month, Strava, the social network for athletes, is partnering with Menos Mas and Voltwomen for the Women’s Month Running Challenge. Here, athletes will attempt to run a combined 2.4 million miles in 24 days kicking off last week, on 8 March, International Women’s Day.

24 women influencers will be joining the challenge to inspire runners in their own cities. Strava, in partnership with Menos Mas and Voltwomen, invites all runners from around the globe to get together, participate in the challenge and help raise awareness in support for women’s rights. To get involved, runners can sign up for the Women’s Month Running Challenge on Strava, and run a mile a day from 8 March through the end of the month. Strava encourages all athletes to share their progress on social media using the hashtags: #VoltMas24, #MenosMas, #Voltwomen and #Strava.

Strava joins Menos Mas and Voltwomen for Global Women Running Challenge

“We’re incredibly excited to join forces with Voltwomen and Menos Mas for this unique challenge,” said Megha Doshi, Local Marketing Director at Strava. “Strava has always been a place where millions of women can build their running community and inspire each other. It was only fitting that we celebrated International Women’s Day with a running challenge.”

Strava has joined Voltwomen, a women’s running movement, and Menos Mas, a lifestyle platform dedicated to wellness, for a digital challenge to outreach to the many running communities across the world. Menos Mas was born out of the old age idea that less is more. The Menos Mas team helps ‘enrich their readers lives with healthy recipes, beauty tips and fun ways to get in shape’. Volt Women represents a global network of women runners who connect and inspire women through the power of running and sport.


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