The Shovel, Primers and Cadence Builds: three new app-only titles from The Sufferfest

With the release of three new app-only titles, The Sufferfest App now includes 61 different videos. The online training provider’s newest additions include The Shovel (a ‘notorious’ session by Sir Neal Henderson), Primers (a workout to do the day before a race or big event) and Cadence Builds (a drill workout to improve muscle recruitment when the RPMs go into the triple digits).

The shovel: a 75-minute speed workout
The team at The Sufferfest note that some of the world’s best cyclists make the trip to Boulder, Colorado, to train in Sir Neal Henderson’s APEX High Performance studio. When asked which of his workouts they most fear, he didn’t hesitate. The Shovel’s two, 23-interval pyramids are designed to take riders to their mental and physical limits, giving only enough recovery to keep digging through those limits.

As the Sufferfest adds… ‘You’ll learn just how deep you can dig and still leave enough in the tank to smash the finishing sprint. Featuring exclusive footage from the Tour of Britain and The Col Collective, The Shovel will help you bury the competition.’

Primers: what to do the day before
The Shovel isn’t the only new tool in The Sufferfest’s shed. The 10 structured training plans available with the App use a combination of Sufferfest workouts, outside rides and drills. The company has now released two videos to match those drills: Primers and Cadence Builds.

Primers is designed to be ridden the day before a big event. As the Sufferfest explains… ‘It will get your systems firing without fatiguing you, making sure you’re ready to crush the competition and make the nation proud.’ (Primers has sound effects, but no soundtrack so you riders play their own tunes through another app like Spotify or iTunes.)

Cadence Builds: the high speed assassin
Designed by Coach Neal Henderson for his pro athletes, Cadence Builds helps improve muscle recruitment at ever-increasing cadences over the course of 58 minutes and six drills. The video features officially licensed footage from the Tour of Taihu Lake and the Abu Dhabi Tour. (Cadence Builds has sound effects, but no soundtrack so, again, app users can play their own tunes through another app like Spotify or iTunes.)

The Sufferfest Training Centre App, available on Windows, iPad, iPhone and Mac computers, is a comprehensive training resource for cyclists and triathletes training indoors. Featuring the entire Sufferfest library of different high-intensity interval videos, the app allows cyclists to connect devices like a smart trainer, heart rate monitors and power meters in order to train to specific fitness targets set by the app. Subscribers can also use the app’s ‘virtual power’ function in order to train with estimated watts.

Other functions include workout storage and analysis, sharing to Strava and Training Peaks and the ability to change intensity during a workout. The Sufferfest app has a 7-day free trial and then costs US$10 a month.


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One thought on “The Shovel, Primers and Cadence Builds: three new app-only titles from The Sufferfest

  • March 6, 2017 at 13:35

    This is great. About a month later than I needed it, but still development seems to move at a steady pace. This really helps integrate the training plans into the app more. Music would really help too for the drills, and maybe they’ll really integrate the training plans into the app at some point, like just turn it on and it goes to today’s video with a note if you should dial it back 20% or whatever. Since more stuff keeps coming, we’ll see.


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